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Il Duomo

An enlargement of the central window of Il Duomo from the slide above. The 617 camera produces highly detailed transparencies, 56 x 168mm (11 times the size of 35mm film). This means very large prints can be made without the quality of the image suffering. Please also remember that the jpeg images used on this site cannot properly convey the image detail and quality of slide film.


Fuji G617 Professional

Fotoman 617 (see my review here)



Fujinon 105mm, Caltar 90mm, Rodenstock 180mm



Fuji Velvia 50, Fuji Provia 400, Fuji RTP 64, Fuji Velvia 100f



- Fuji centre ND filter (G617 only)

- Lee Neutral Density hard grad set, warm-up filters, graduated warm-up filter and polarizer.

see Lee website here


I must admit I rarely record shutter speeds or aperture settings like I should, but if you should require such details or other information, don't hesitate to email me.