mark denton photographic - edinburgh / east lothian 4
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ed0180 light beyond the bass rock, north berwick

ed0181 cloud layers, milsey bay, north berwick

ed0182 cloudforms at gosford sands

ed0183 cloud curves, milsey bay, north berwick

ed0184 crashing waves, north berwick

ed0185 dawn at joppa, firth of forth

ed0186 dawn colour at portobello

ed0187 dawn colour at portobello 2

ed0188 dune grass and fidra

ed0189 dune grass and fidra 2

ed0190 dusk at granton harbour, leith

ed0191 dynamic earth, edinburgh

ed0192 early blossom at greyfriar's kirk

ed0193 edinburgh from blackford hill

ed0194 endless sky, firth of forth

ed0195 evening light on salisbury crags

ed0196 fidra and longskelly rocks

ed0197 firth of forth from carlingnose 2

ed0198 fidra from longskelly sands 2

ed0199 fidra from longskelly sands

ed0200 fidra from longskelly rocks

ed0201 flats at western harbour, leith

ed0202 forth bridges from port edgar

ed0203 forth rail bridge from north queensferry

ed0204 forth rail bridge over north queensferry

ed0205 forth rail bridge in rainstorm

ed0206 full rainbow from portobello

ed0207 funnel cloud ablove the bass rock

ed0208 glencourse reservoir, pentland hills

ed0209 granite shadows, salisbury crags

ed0210 grey clouds, portobello beach

ed0211 groyne at portobello, edinburgh

ed0212 half rainbow, portobello sands

ed0213 house at south queensferry

ed0214 lamppost at greyfriars kirk

ed0215 last industry, chancelot mill, leith

ed0216 light on the horizon, east lothian

ed0217 light on tantallon castle

ed0218 light in the distance, portobello sands

ed0219 light on western harbour, leith

ed0220 light above musselburgh, firth of forth

ed0221 lothian coast & bass rock from yellowcraigs

ed0222 marker post, portobello sands

ed0223 morning light, dirleton castle

ed0224 morningside and the pentland hills

ed0225 morningside from blackford hill

ed0226 murrayfield on matchday

ed0227 mudflats at port edgar

ed0228 north berwick from north berwick law

ed0229 north berwick law and sunshine

ed0230 pentland hills from blackford hill

ed0231 power station at port seton

ed0232 purple twilight at gosford sands

ed0233 purple light on gosford sands

ed0234 red granite, salisbury crags

ed0235 red light on fidra

ed0236 reflected houses at portobello

ed0237 reflectiosn on portobello sands

ed0238 early autumn at holy trinity, dean

ed0239 rocks at joppa, firth of forth

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