mark denton photographic - complete catalogue - lakes 5

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la0241 spring colours, yewdale fells

la0242 springtime, southern windermere

la0243 stanley force and ravine

la0244 steamer's wake, kailpot crag

la0245 stickle gill and langdale

la0246 still dawn, lake windermere

la0247 still morning, blea tarn

la0248 still water, dock tarn

la0249 still water, ullswater boathouse

la0250 stock ghyll force in autumn

la0251 stock ghyll force, springtime

la0252 taylorgill force

la0253 stock ghyll in autumn

la0254 stone barn, st john's in the vale

la0255 stormy skies, napes needle

la0256 stream, blea tarn

la0257 striding edge and red tarn

la0258 striding edge and st sunday crag

la0259 sunlight, striding edge

la0260 summertime, wastwater

la0261 sunset, ashness jetty, derwentwater

la0262 sunlit hills near hawkshead

la0263 sunlight on mist, coniston

la0264 surprise view at dusk, derwentwater

la0265 swan, river brathay

la0266 sweeping cloud, derwentwater 2

la0267 sweeping cloud, derwentwater 1

la0268 sweeping cloud, wastwater

la0269 swinside hill, skiddaw and bassenthwaite

la0270 swirling water, stock ghyll force

la0271 the screes, wastwater 2

la0272 the screes, wastwater

la0273 thirlmere in autumn

la0274 threatening cloud, keswick from lattrigg

la0275 towards langdale from tom heights 1

la0276 towards langdale from tom heights 2

la00277 towards langdale from tom heights 3

la0278 towards styhead from piers gill

la0279 towards bassenthwaite from lattrigg

la0280 towards helvellyn from tom heights

la0281 towards langdale, river brathay

la0282 towards watendlath tarn, great crag

la0283 tranquillity, derwentwater

la0284 tranquillity, loughrigg tarn

la0285 tree and saplings, yew tree tarn

la0286 treefingers, river rothay 1

la0287 treefingers, river rothay 2

la0288 treeline and skies, blencathra

la0289 tree mound near elterwater

la0290 tree roots, loweswater

la0291 twilight, derwentwater

la0292 ullswater from gowbarrow

la0293 ullswater blues

la0294 ulpha fells from the birker road

la0295 under trees, loughrigg tarn

la0296 view from langdale road

la0297 violet dawn, lake bassenthwaite

la0298 vivid rainbow, weatherlam

la0299 walker, striding edge

la0300 walkers in cloud, dale head

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