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the edge of the foss

Joe Cornish has motivated me to improve my technique more than any other photographer. Thanks Joe.

Tom Peacey's travels with camera and land rover in South America. He's also got a new photo site here.

Dave Sallitt accompanied me on a number of shoots. He died in 2005, but his site still lives.

I met Don Cochran while in Yosemite. He's surely the nicest guy in landscape photography!

John Morrison is a great friend of mine. His new photographic company is running photo tours in the Lake District.

Richard Downer is a fantastic landscape shooter, and we are often comparing notes on all and sundry.

NPS, Middlesbrough, have done my processing for 6 years. I can't fault them.

BPD Photech, Warrington- could turn a flawed slide into a perfect print.

Lee Filters, Andover. The best in the business and I recommend them unreservedly.


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