North East greetings cards

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Superb reproductions of Mark's work in 210 x 99mm DL size cards complete of course with envelope and sleeve. Blank inside for any occasion. For corporate clients / large orders we can now do print runs as low as 100, so anything from the catalogue can be available if you're ordering a minimum of 100!

Images by Mark Denton unless stated..... scroll down for purchasing..... OR CLICK HERE


angel of north evening card     newton wood card    

13. Evening, Angel of the North



16. Bluebells, Newton Wood


durham cathedral card     late sun roseberry topping card  

18. Durham classic



22. Late sun, Roseberry Topping



25. Penshaw monument at dusk



39. Roker Lighthouse, Sunderland


staithes card          

48. Warm light, Staithes


gribdale roseberry card     roseberry topping card    

95. Summer glory at Gribdale



96. Roseberry Topping classic


st cuthberts darlington card     transporter bridge middlesbrough card  

165. St Cuthberts, Darlington



207. Wispy cloud, Transporter Bridge


    blue skies roseberry topping card  

208. Hunt Cliff and Saltburn pier



209. Summer clouds, Roseberry Topping

out of stock


high force card     saltburn mirror card    

211. High Force in spring



212. Saltburn mirror



redcar south gare card

213. Dunes at South Gare, Redcar

    end of summer roseberry card    

214. The end of summer, Roseberry


september skies roseberry card     quiet evening roseberry topping card    

215. September skies, Roseberry Topping



247. Quiet winter evening, Roseberry


wain stones hasty bank card     cliff ridge pine roseberry topping card  

248. Moon beyond the Wain Stones



251. Cliff ridge pines, Roseberry Topping


dawn light roseberry card     barnard castle card    

257. A blush to the snow, Roseberry



286. Barnard Castle in summer



alnmouth card

    alnwick castle card    

288. Alnmouth cross - by Ross Wilby



289. Alnwick Castle at dawn


angel of the north sunset card     baltic mill card    

290. Angel sunset - Paul Nelson



291. Baltic Flour Mills & Millennium Bridge



292. Breeze in the dunes, Bamburgh



293. Blue Millennium out of stock


    dunstanburgh castle card    

294. Summer on Holy Island



295. Wind in the grass, Dunstanburgh



296. Lenticular clouds, Dunstanburgh



297. Winter dawn in Durham



298. Elvet Bridge boats, Durham



299. Great North Run Celebrations

- Paul Nelson



300. Upturned boats, Holy Island

- Paul Nelson out of stock



301. Holy Island Castle at dawn

- Paul Nelson



302. New year fireworks, Newcastle

- Paul Nelson



303. British Tommy, Seaham

- Paul Nelson



304. Winter dawn, Dunstanburgh

- Paul Nelson



305. Wearmouth Bridge at night

- Paul Nelson



306. Millennium Bridge at night

- Paul Nelson



307. Curves at the Sage

- Paul Nelson



308. St James's Park from Leazes Terrace




309. Stadium of Light, Sunderland




310. Twilight at St Mary's Lighthouse



311. St Peter's in summer, Sunderland



312. Sunderland riverside - Paul Nelson



313. Dusk on the Tyne - Paul Nelson


    st mary's rocks card    

314. Tyne Bridge at night - Paul Nelson



315. On the rocks, St Mary's - Paul Nelson


bamburgh northern lights card     seaham waves card    

316. Aurora at Bamburgh Castle

- Paul Nelson



317. The Seaham wave - John Short



cullercoats card     tynemouth station card    

318. Longsands at Cullercoats



319. Tynemouth Station - Paul Nelson


barnard castle spring card     middleton teesdale card    

326. Springtime in Barnard Castle



328. Middleton in Teesdale view, River Tees


bowes museum card     kirkcarrion card    

329. Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle



331. Skies behind Kirkcarrion


high force boulders card     raby castle card    

332. The power of High Force



333. Raby Castle in winter


crag lough card     hexham abbey card    

341. Tranquility on Crag Lough



342. Bluebells at Hexham Abbey


hexham bridge card     alnwick castle card 2    

343. Golden arches, Hexham Bridge



344. Blue skies, Alnwick Castle


dunstanburgh time card     bamburgh flow card    

345. Passage of time, Dunstanburgh

- Stephen Byard



346. Evening flow, Bamburgh

- Stephen Byard


prepare for launch card     farne bamburgh card    

347. Prepare to launch - Stephen Byard



348. Dawn over the Farnes, Bamburgh - Stephen Byard


hepburn woods card     tenantry column alnwick card    

349. Hepburn Woods - Paul Nelson



350. Tentantry Column, Alnwick - Paul Nelson


durham sunset card     durham cow card    

351. Durham sunset - Paul Nelson



352. Cows at Durham Cathedral - Paul Nelson


hadrians wall card     lindisfarne sheep card    

353. Mist on Hadrian's Wall - Ross Wilby



354. Lindisfarne sheep - John Short


holy islands swans card     wooler card    

355. Swans on Holy Island - John Short



356. Weetwood Bridge, Wooler


hadrians wall sky card     dunstanburgh moon card    

357. Empire of sky, Hadrian's Wall



358. Moon over Dunstanburgh Castle


holwick teesdale card     holy island stars card    

364. Holwick in summer, Teesdale


    397. Stars at Holy Island - Paul Nelson    
tynemouth priory sunrise card     angel of the north light card    

398. Dawn at Tynemouth Priory- Paul Nelson



399. Late sunshine, Angel of the North

- Paul Nelson

souter sunset card     keel square sunderland card    

400. Sunset at Souter Point - Paul Nelson



401. Keel Square, Sunderland - Paul Nelson


st mary aurora card     staithes boat card    

402. Aurora at St Mary's - Paul Nelson



405. Boat on Staithes Beck


staithes cliff card     st mary's tiles card    

406. West cliff in Staithes



407. St Mary tiles - Paul Nelson


infinity bridge stockton card    

yarm town hall card



413. Infinity Bridge, Stockton on Tees



419. Yarm Town Hall



darlington clock tower card

    gisborough priory card    

418. Clock Tower in Darlington



420. Daffodils at Gisborough Priory


gorse gribdale card     flying scotsman croxdale card    

423. Festival of gorse, Gribdale



424. Flying Scotsman on Croxdale Viaduct


top of high force card     wild garlic barnard castle card    

425. High Force, from the top



426. Wild garlic at Barnard Castle


guisborough lines card     egglestone abbey card    

427. Lines at Gisborough Priory





428. Springtime at Egglestone Abbey



holwick scar card


bamburgh dunes card


430. Light on Holwick Scar, Teesdale



431. Light on the dunes, Bamburgh



432. Stokesley Cottages



433. Levenside Weir, Stokesley



434. Summer light, Roseberry Topping



438. Sycamore gap in winter



439. Hadrian's wall, heavy snow



440. Poppies and Penshaw Monument



441. Drama at St Mary's Lighthouse



443. Shaft of light, Alnwick Castle



444. Skies at Longsands, Tynemouth



445. King Edward's Bay, Tynemouth



457. Morning calm, Tynemouth - Paul Nelson



459. Roseberry Topping Sunset - Paul Nelson



461. Storm surge at Staithes



481. Cascades of Low Force, River Tees



490. Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Cleveland Way



491. Wild skies, Captain Cook's Monument



493. Late sun at Saltburn - Paul Nelson



502. Bamburgh Castle, evening - by Stephen Byard



503. The beauty of Bamburgh - Paul Nelson



504. Alnwick, spring afternoon - Paul Nelson



514. Dawn light on High Force



518. Paddy's Hole, late afternoon



522. Pure morning, Saltburn Pier



526. Skies above Staithes



527. The path of light, Low Force



530. Summer evening, Hunt Cliff, Saltburn - by Stephen Byard



531. Any pier in a storm, Saltburn - by Stephen Byard



532. Coal dust patterns, Saltburn - by Stephen Byard



533. Waves in November, Saltburn Pier - by Stephen Byard



535. The road to Roseberry - Paul Nelson



543. Summer warmth, Gribdale Quarry



545. Summer rainbow, Cleveland Hills



555. Summer storms at Bamburgh



557. Wear reflections, Durham



558. Summer on the River Tees



559. Towers of Durham, River Wear



602. Tynemouth from the air - Paul Nelson



603. Newcastle and Gateshead at night - Paul Nelson



606. Lumiere festival at Durham Cathedral - Paul Nelson



608. St Mary's Island from the air - Paul Nelson



609. Heather and light, Roseberry Topping - by Stephen Byard



610. Rowers on the Wear, Durham - John Short



612. Over the rooftops, Durham - Chris Addis

out of stock


615. Symphony in steel, Transporter Bridge - Chris Addis

out of stock


616. Shining St Mary's, Whitley Bay by Chris Addis

out of stock


627. Winter morning, National Glass Centre



629. Dawn at Roker Pier, Sunderland



633. Curious sheep at Aireyholme, Roseberry Topping



634. Symmetry at Sunderland Marina



635. Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland



636. Durham riverside, Lumiere 2017 - Paul Nelson



637. Dome and Arches, Lumiere 2017 - Paul Nelson



638. Durham Cathedral - Lumiere 2017 - Paul Nelson



645. High seas at Tynemouth - Paul Nelson



648. The tree behind Roseberry



651. Almost ready... Northern Spire, Sunderland



652. Daffodils at Pow Hill, Derwent Reservoir - Robert Smith



653. Dawn at St. Mary's Lighthouse - Ken Arthur



654. Reflections of St Mary's - Paul Nelson



656. Waves on Tynemouth Pier - Paul Nelson



657. Last light, Tynemouth Longsands - Paul Nelson



661. Lumley Castle and the River Wear, Chester-le-Street



675. Winter magic at Roseberry Topping



676. Christmas trees at Roseberry



681. Staithes from above



682. High Force versus the Beast



684. Iced Falls at Gibson's Cave



686. Before the dawn, Souter Lighthouse



687. Winter dawn at Marsden Rock



688. Lot's Wife, Marsden Bay



689. Bubbling clouds over Kirkcarrion



690. On the rocks, Cullercoats



691. Messing about on the river, Alnmouth



692. Red light at dawn, Marsden Grotto



694. The Mouth of the Tyne at South Shields



695. The Cliffs of Marsden Bay



696. Last light at Bamburgh Dunes



697. First shoots of spring, Alnwick Castle



698. Tides of Bamburgh - Paul Nelson



700. Into the light, Dunstanburgh



701. Shadows at Tynemouth Castle



703. Velvet Beds, Marsden Bay



704. Road to freedom, Teesdale



706. Beckstones Wath Bridge and the River Tees



707. Great Ayton village and the Topping



708. Winter warmth on the dunes, Bamburgh - Paul Nelson



709. Dock Clocktower, Middlesbrough



710. Passing clouds, Roseberry Topping



711. Blazing sun, Transporter Bridge



712. Temenos and the Riverside Stadium



713. Old boat on the River Aln



715. Warkworth Castle in spring - Paul Nelson



719. Guisborough in springtime - by Michael Hampson



720. Lone surfer at Saltburn - by Michael Hampson



721. Dog walker at Saltburn - by Michael Hampson



722. Rainbow above Hunt Cliff, Saltburn - by Michael Hampson



723. Single tree in snow, Guisborough - by Michael Hampson



724. Gate of Ice, Guisborough - by Michael Hampson



725. Guisborough Priory in snow - by Michael Hampson



728. South Shields Old Town Hall, after rain



745. Millennium Colours, Newcastle Upon Tyne



760. The Butter Market, Barnard Castle



761. Border hills at Shotton, Northumberland



762. Weetwood Bridge and River Till, Wooler



763. Dawn at Holy Island - Paul Nelson



766. Linhope Spout, near Wooler



769. Summer at Penshaw Monument - Paul Nelson



770. Copt Hill and the Seven Sisters



771. The Cheviot from Hepburn



773. Bright spring day, Sycamore Gap



778. Souter Lighthouse in the late summer sun, part 1 - Paul Nelson



779. Souter Lighthouse in the late summer sun, part 2 - Paul Nelson



780. Light on Hudson Dock, Sunderland



781. Curtain of fire, Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland



782. The Tall Ships from above, Sunderland



783. Masts at dusk, Hudson Dock, Sunderland



784. Fulwell Mill and summer flowers



785. Morgenster and the fireworks, River Wear



786. Castles of Northumbria compilation



787. The Big ship sails on the ally ally-o, Sunderland



788. Cragside in summer - Paul Nelson



789. Durham Miners' Gala - by Paul Nelson



793. Durham compilation



800. Wylde Swan passes Roker Lighthouse, Sunderland



801. Teesdale compilation



807. Egglestone Abbey, summer rays



809. Bowes Museum from the south, Barnard Castle



810. Darlington, summer evening



814. Durham gold



818. Tynemouth compilation



819. Spanish City, Whitley Bay - Paul Nelson



820. Northumberland summer evening, Bamburgh - Paul Nelson



821. Langleeford and the Cheviot - Paul Nelson



822. Spanish City and the War Memorial, Whitley Bay - Paul Nelson



823. Classic St Mary's, Whitley Bay - Paul Nelson



824. Percy the lion, Alnwick - Paul Nelson



825. Roseberry bales - by Stephen Byard



826. Evening skies at Embleton - Ken Arthur



831. Staithes and the Beast



833. Winter sunburst behind Roseberry



839. The summit of the Topping



843. Late summer evening at Alnwick - Paul Nelson



845. A winter morning at Roseberry Topping - Paul Nelson



868. Autumn Force



873. Light above the River Aln



877. Autumn leaves, Darlington



885. Autumn at Bowes Museum



886. Grand Cascade at Alnwick Gardens



888. Autumn magic at Barnard Castle



889. Autumn fire, Alnwick Castle



890. The Cliff Lift, Saltburn



891. The Winter Gardens in autumn, Sunderland



892. Mowbray Park in autumn, Sunderland



900. Seaham fury - coming soon


coming soon     coming soon    

coming soon



coming soon



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coming soon









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