mark denton photographic - complete catalogue - south wales 1
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wa0001 black clouds, black mountains

wa0002 falling sun at ystradfellte

wa0003 falls on the river mellte

wa0004 falls on the river mellte 2

wa0005 trees above the river mellte

wa0006 sunset on the river mellte

wa0007 bright afternoon at three cliffs

wa0008 bright clouds over worm's head

wa0009 cave at mewslade bay 1

wa0010 cave at mewslade bay 2

wa0011 the cliffs at rhossili

wa0012 cloud beyond rhossili down

wa0013 cloud above whiteford lighthouse

wa0014 rocks of mewslade bay

wa0015 whiteford lighthouse from the west

wa0016 curling river at three cliffs

wa0017 dunes at berges island, whiteford sands

wa0018 dusk at three cliffs bay

wa0019 evening colour, three cliffs bay

wa0020 faint light beyond worm's head

wa0021 falls of sgwd isaf clun gywn

wa0022 falls of sgwd y pannwr, afon mellte

wa0023 incoming tide at three cliffs

wa0024 jet trails at nash point

wa0025 light off pwlldu head, gower

wa0026 mirrored sky at worm's head

wa0027 mumbles lighthouse from bracelet bay

wa0028 mumbles pier, swansea bay

wa0029 patch of light, worm's head

wa0030 rhossili at high tide

wa0031 rocks at bracelet bay, mumbles lighthouse

wa0032 rocks at sgwd y pannwr

wa0033 sandbars at rhossili beach

wa0034 sand ridges, rhossili bay

wa0035 sgwd isaf clun gywn, lower falls

wa0036 sgwd isaf clun gywn and trees

wa0037 sgwd y pannwr in winter

wa0038 sgwd y pannwr through trees

wa0039 sgwd y eira, river hepste

wa0040 silhuoette, worm's head

wa0041silver skies at the mumbles

wa0042 silver skies at the mumbles 2

wa0043 slipway at the mumbles

wa0044 stepping stones at three cliffs bay

wa0045 the three cliffs at dusk

wa0046 tidal drift, bracelet bay

wa0047 tidal drift, bracelet bay 2

wa0048 tides at mewslade bay

wa0049 tides of nash point 1

wa0050 tides of nash point 2

wa0051 towards carmarthen bay, whiteford lighthouse

wa0052 walkers behind sgwd y eira

wa0053 white clouds, whiteford lighthouse

wa0054 whiteford lighthouse, gower peninsula

wa0055 wreck of the helvetia, rhossili bay

wa0056 tree highlights at three cliffs bay

wa0057 tree roots at sgwd y pannwr

wa0058 twilight at three cliffs

afterglow at the three cliffs

wa0059 afterglow at the three cliffs

fountains at the millennium building

wa0060 fountains at the millennium building

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