mark denton photographic - complete catalogue - yorkshire dales 3
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yd0121 autumn store, hardcastle crags

yd0122 autumn sunset, bolton abbey

yd0123 autumn sunset, bolton abbey 2

yd0124 bolton abbey in autumn

yd0125 bolton abbey & late sunshine

yd0126 bridge over hebden water, hardcastle crags

yd0127 cascades at walshaw falls, hardcastle crags

yd0128 cascade, hebden water, hardcastle crags

yd0129 gibson's mill, hardcastle crags, hebden bridge

yd0130 pathway at hardcastle crags

yd0131 river wharfe in autumn, bolton abbey

yd0132 stepping stones, river wharfe at bolton abbey

yd0133 mature oak, walshaw falls, hardcastle crags

yd0134 water and rock, hardraw force

yd0135 water flowing, hardraw force


yd0136 the strid in spate, river wharfe

yd0137 the strid, river wharfe 2

yd0138 clouds above wensleydale at hawes

yd0139 stone barn at hawes, wensleydale

yd0140 torrent from the rock, hardraw force

yd0141 waterspout, hardraw force

yd0142 cascades at aysgarth falls

yd0145 dramatic sunset in wensleydale

yd0146 falling sun at lower aysgarth falls

yd0147 light on the old mill, aysgarth

yd0148 skies at dusk, wensleydale

yd0149 water and rock, lower aysgarth falls

above cautley spout, howgill fells

yd0150 above cautley spout, howgill fells

cascades at cautley spout

yd0151 cascades at cautley spout

colours at cautley spout

yd0152 colours at cautley spout

gorge at cautley spout

yd0153 gorge at cautley spout

sheep resting, howgill fells

yd0154 sheep resting, howgill fells

summer at the howgill fells

yd0155 summer at the howgill fells

summer's day at ribblehead

yd0156 summer's day at ribblehead

summer day, howgill view

yd0157 summer day, howgill view

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