mark denton photographic - complete catalogue - yorkshire wolds 3
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yw0121 teasel at dawn, north cave wetlands 1

yw0122 thunderhead, yorkshire wolds

yw0123 tree shadows, hunmanby

yw0124 treeline and snow, foxholes

yw0125 unripe wheat, yorkshire wolds

yw0126 village pond, warter

yw0127 waking sheep, warter

yw0128 weather front, yorkshire wolds

yw0129 wharram percy church at dawn

yw0130 windblown rape, wolds

yw0131 winter dawn, field house farm

yw0132 winter dawn, staxton carrs 2

yw0133 winter dawn, staxton carrs 1

yw0134 winter daybreak, hunmanby

yw0135 winter scene, near foxholes

yw0136 wolds cloudforms 3

yw0137 wolds cloudforms 2

yw0138 wolds landscape near fimber

yw0139 wold road at daybreak

yw0140 wolds summer sky

yw0141 yorkshire poppies

yw0142 winter colour, warter village

yw0143 colossus cloud, yorkshire wolds

yw0144 dragon cloud, holme on spalding moor2

yw0145 dragon cloud, holme on spalding moor

yw0146 evening clouds, holme on spalding moor2

yw0147 evening clouds, holme on spalding moor

yw0148 evening colour, holme road

yw0149 all saints hill, holme on spalding moor

yw0150 moving leaves, millington woods

yw0151 oil seed rape, market weighton2

yw0152 oil seed rape, market weighton

yw0153 st james church, warter3

yw0154 rape field and cloud, holme road

yw0155 pathway, millington woods2

yw0156 pathway, millington woods

yw0157 silhuoette, skidby windmill

yw0158 sundown at skidby windmill

yw0159 skidby windmill and evening light

yw0160 sky gate

yw0161 sky gate (auto)

yw0162 windblown crops, holme on spalding moor

yw0163 sun through trees, holme on spalding moor

yw0164 evening sky, church hill, holme road

yw0165 white carpet, millington woods

yw0166 wild garlic hillside, millington woods2

yw0167 wild garlic hillside, millington woods

yw0168 late summer cloud, nunburnholme wold

yw0169 st james church, warter2

yw0170 st james church, warter

yw0171 all saints church, londesborough

yw0172 dawn over londesborough wold

yw0173 frost at sunrise, londesborough

yw0174 londesborough park lake at dawn

yw0175 frost and light, londesborough park

yw0176 light through trees, londesborough 1

yw0177 frosted pathway, londesborough park

yw0178 sheep at londesborough park 1

yw0179 sheep at londesborough park 2

yw0180 sunlight and frost, londesborough park

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