mark denton photographic - complete catalogue - yorkshire wolds 4
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yw0181 light through trees, londesborough 2

yw0182 through the mist, londesborough

yw0183 walkers, londesborough park

yw0184 cottages at bishop burton

yw0185 autumn shadows, bishop burton

yw0186 shadows at bishop burton

yw0187 horsechesnut in autumn, bishop burton

yw0190 beverley minster and hard frost

yw0191 frosted pool at burdale, thixendale

yw0192 frozen reeds, thixendale

yw0193 frozen reeds, thixendale 2

yw0194 sunrise at burdale, thixendale

yw0195 frost and shadow, thixendale

yw0196 hot and cold, fairydale

yw0197 hot and cold, fairydale CROP

yw0198 loaf-shaped hills, thixen dale

yw0199 lonesome trees above warter 1

yw0200 lonesome trees above warter 2

yw0201 tree highlights, thixen dale

yw0202 pylon and isolated trees near warter

yw0203 sunrise at fairydale quarry

yw0204 sunrise at fairydale quarry (warm)

yw0205 morning frost at warter

yw0206 twin trees at warter 1

yw0207 twin trees at warter 2

yw0208 twin trees at warter 3

yw0209 twin trees at warter 4

yw0210 winter scene above warter village

yw0211 winter sunset near warter

yw0212 cottam chapel, october evening

yw0213 ruined chapel at cottam

yw0214 shadows at cottam chapel

golden sunrise, wharram le street - yw0215

golden sunrise, wharram le street - yw0215

sunrise at wharram le street - yw0216

sunrise at wharram le street - yw0216

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